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Personal Antispy 1.3 - User Guide and FAQ

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Removing spy software

If you have found a suspicious application and know that you was not installed this application, you can remove it from your system. Personal Antispy makes a backup copy of the deleted files so you don't need to worry about possible errors. It is recommended to first terminate the suspicious process using the corresponding button or menu command. If there is no change in the operation of the system, you can safely quarantine the module using Quarantine File command. This will remove and stop the keylogger.
Before removal, you can browse for folders containing monitoring modules using the Browse command. In this folder you can probably find files with your personal information recorded.

If you are not sure what is the purpose of the program detected by Personal Antispy, but you see it is running with Windows (red line), you can remove it from autorun using Remove from autorun command. Repeat scanning after Windows restart to make sure this program was removed from startup list.
Personal Antispy quarantines all files, so if you have deleted something and want to restore it, use View > Quarantined Files command.

Detecting Spy Software

After scanning process has finished, you will see the results of the scanning.
On the left pane will be shown monitoring modules which are used by applications on the right pane. When you begin to type any text in that application, the system loads these modules into the application and your input is monitored.

Frequently Asked Questions - Personal Antispy

  1. Does Personal Antispy work in any Windows version?
    No, Personal Antispy was created specially for modern operating systems like Windows 2000 and Windows XP.

  2. Does it detect all existing spy software?
    Personal Antispy detects 98% of known keyloggers and 90% of other spy software.

  3. Does it detect only known keyloggers or it can detect any keyloggers?
    In the Personal Antispy was used special effective algorithm which detects known and unknown keyloggers equally good.

  4. Personal Antispy shows that my favorite program is keylogger. How can that be?
    Our universal algorithm detects monitoring modules. Monitoring modules are not necessary keyloggers, but they intercept your keystrokes for their purposes - such as to provide hotkey functionality.

  5. Can Personal Antispy scan all my hard drives for spy software?
    No, Personal Antispy detects only running spy programs. Usually, this is enough to detect all spy programs because they almost all run permanently.

  6. Can I install it on more than one computer?
    Each purchase of Personal Antispy gives you the license to install it on one computer. For additional licenses, please purchase additional copies of Personal Antispy.

Screenshots - More Details

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