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SpyRemover 2.53 - User Guide and FAQ

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Frequently Asked Questions - SpyRemover

  1. What does SpyRemover do? What spyware devices does SpyRemover detect and remove?

    SpyRemover searches your system for intrusive spy devices. It detects and removes more than 21,000 types (more than 30,000 items, including variants) of spyware devices, including Trojans, dialers, keyloggers, hijackers, spybots, spyware, and adware. For a list of the intrusive devices that SpyRemover detects and removes, see the Intrusive device list in the program . To get updated list, use the online update feature.

  2. Does SpyRemover stop messenger service popup Spam?

    Yes. By default, messenger service popup Spam is blocked. You can turn this feature on and off by going Setup and Settings. Having Messenger service checked would turn this feature off. This feature has nothing to do with your regular Yahoo messenger, AOL messenger, or MSN messenger.

  3. How do I start the scanning process?

    Start SpyRemover. Click on Search Now to start the scanning process.

  4. How do I remove the intrusive devices found on my system? Can I exclude one item from being removed?

    Before removing the spy devices found on your system, review them carefully. If you want to exclude one item from being removed, uncheck the item. To remove the selected spy devices, click on Remove selected items.

  5. What does the Restore do?

    Restore command will restore the items you removed with Remove selected items.

  6. How do I exclude a cookie, a device or a program, which are in the spy database, from being detected and removed?

    SpyRemover is very accurate and you do not need to exclude any spy devices from being detected. If you do, click on Setup and Intrusive devices. You will see a list of intrusive spy devices that will be detected by SpyRemover. Check the item you want to exclude from the searching process. If you check any items in the list, these items will not be detected by SpyRemover.

  7. Can I see a list of programs that start with Windows? Can I choose which programs to start with Windows?

    Yes. Click on Setup and System startup, you will see the list of the programs that start with Windows. To terminate a program from starting with Windows automatically, uncheck the item.

  8. How do I manually remove the intrusive devices found in the search?

    When scanning is done, SpyRemover displays a list of the spy devices found on your system, including the locations of the devices. Based on the locations, you may be able to locate and remove some of the devices on your own. However, it is at your own risk to remove them manually. We recommend you use professional help or use our full version of SpyRemover to clean up the spy devices on your system.

Screenshots - More Details

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