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KRyLack Password Recovery 1.50 BETA - User Guide and FAQ

Screenshots - More Details

Encrypted File

Just enter the name of the ZIP/RAR/ACE archive you'd like to get the password for. Use the "Browse" button to select it. Alternatively, you can use drag or drop - just drag the file (with a mouse) from Windows Explorer, and drop it to the KLPassRec window.


Instructs the program what characters have been used in the password. You can choose from all small letters, all capital letters, all digits, all special symbols and the space.

Alternatively, you can define your own character set (charset). Just mark the "Custom" checkbox and in the input window, enter all chars of your password range. In addition, you can load and save custom charsets with "Import from file..." button.


If you already know some characters in the password, you can specify the mask to decrease the total number of passwords to be verified.

If you know that the password contains an occurrence of the mask character '#', you can choose a different mask character to avoid having one character, '#', represent both an unknown pattern position and a known character. In this case, you could change the mask symbol from '#' to '*'.

Screenshots - More Details

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