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LAN Employee Monitor

An employee monitoring software which can capture the screen of employee's computer real time by matrix screen.

Download Site 1       Buy Now $89.00

Version: 2.6 Publisher:
File Size: 4.01 MB System: Windows 2000/XP
License: Free to try ($89.00) Limitations: limited
Date Added: 07-29-2008 Requirements:

LAN Employee Monitor

Software Description:
LAN Employee Monitor - A LAN monitoring software, an employee monitoring software. This LAN monitoring software captures the screen of employee's computer real time by matrix screen. In addition to this, the employee monitoring software remote control the employee's computer, such as restart or turn off the employee's PC, Terminate the program which is running in the employee's computer etc.

Key Features:
  • Captures the screen of employee's computer in real time by matrix screen. With lan employee monitor,you can monitor the screen(s) of your employee(s)'s PC in real time.This gives you an extremely accurate and visual view of what the person you are monitoring are doing on the computer.
  • Save the screenshot of remote computer automatically or manually. In addition to monitoring the screen in real time,LAN Employee Monitor automatically save screenshots of your employee's computer at set intervals on your computer.When you feel something is happenning on the remote computer and you feel a need to keep evidence,you can save the screenshot manually.
  • Terminate the program which is running on the employee's computer. While you found somebody is running a non-work-related program,you can terminate it easily.
  • Forbit use USB storage device. With LAN Employee Monitor,you can forbit the employee's computer use USB storage device to avoid information leak and security threat.
  • Turn off or restart the employee's computer.
  • Send message to employee's computer.
Editor's Review:
LAN Employee Monitor is a LAN monitoring software, which can capture the screen of employee's computer real time by matrix screen.

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