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Maxapt QuickEye Enterprise

Help company managers to control their employees' work efficiency.

Download Site 1       Buy Now $24.99

Version: 2.8.8 Publisher:
File Size: 5.92 MB System: Windows 2000/XP/2003
License: Free to try ($24.99) Limitations: 15 days trial
Date Added: 11-01-2007 Requirements: 

Maxapt QuickEye Enterprise
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Software Description:
Employee monitoring software. It helps company managers to track their employees' work efficiency. You take control of how much time your employees are spending on actually working, and how much time they are wasting on secondary tasks. You can track exactly which programs are being used, and how actively.

Maxapt QuickEye helps you to quickly identify employees who are using their work time inappropriately; it also provides you with compelling evidence of their ineffective work.

For example, consider an employee who wastes two hours each day. If you could decrease wasted time to just a few minutes, you could save about 400 hours per year. For ten employees, the amount of time saved would be about 4000 hours per year.

Maxapt QuickEye gives you a powerful method for tracking how your employees spend their working time at their computers.

Key Features:
  • Ease of use, excellent performance, reliability and stability.
  • Reports on usage of software/computers by work-time and by activity-time by operators.
  • The program and computer grouping tool provides summarized reports
  • Automatic program classification (office programs, development software, multimedia, games, etc.).
  • Summary reports and time charts.
  • Export reports in common formats.
  • Remote installation and administration of observer modules, managing user rights.
  • All network transactions are protected by reliable cryptographic algorithms.
  • Small size and high speed database processing, extreme fault tolerance.
  • Rich selection of stylish skins.
Editor's Review:
Decide how many computers you want to use for observing statistics; you’ll need to install Maxapt QuickEye Observer application on each of those computers. You can use several QuickEye Observers to watch computers in different departments. For example, a group manager can observe the statistics for computers in his group, while the chief information officer can view statistics for the entire company from his own desktop.

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