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Jeyo Remote 2.0 - User Guide and FAQ

Screenshots - More Details

Operating your PC with Win Control

Win Control gives you complete control over your PC's desktop. Once you have launched Jeyo Remote on your Smartphone, select Win Control from its main menu. You will see a dialog box that shows which application is in focus and will be receiving remote control commands. While in Win Control, each key on your Smartphone can be mapped to a remote control command on your PC. To find out which keys perform what functions in which applications, simply press * in Win Control on your Smartphone or do the following on your PC:

1.In the main Jeyo Remote UI on your PC, select Command Manager... from the Tools menu.
2.Click on the Win Control tab.

In addition, # is a special key in Win Control. It lets you temporarily switch into a Mouse Pad, where you can use the numeric keys on your Smartphone to move PC cursor in eight direction and press left or right mouse button.

Screenshots - More Details

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