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AEDTools Pro 1.14

Convert most of all known audio formats. The list of formats supported by AEDTools Pro includes over 20 algorithms (RealAudio, WMA, Mpeg, TwinVQ, MPV, MP+, mp3PRO...)

Download Site 1       Buy Now $35.00

Version:1.14 Publisher:
File Size: 8.64 MB System: Windows NT/XP/2000/Me/98
License: Free to try ($35.00) Limitations:
Date Added: 01-23-2007 Requirements: Sound Card

AEDTools Pro

Software Description:
AEDTools Pro – the latest generation in the product line by MEDIATWINS which enables to convert audio files easier, clearer and intuitively. Listening to unknown audio file is as simple as converting it with AEDTools Pro to the format you are used to with a couple clicks and then opening with one of the standard audio players.

With AEDTools Pro you can forget about surfing through the whole Internet looking for converter which can change the unknown audio format to the format you are used to. The list of formats supported by AEDTools Pro, consists of more than 20 algorithms(RealAudio, WMA, Mpeg, TwinVQ, MPV, MP+, mp3PRO...) and this list may be enlarged by adding a special regularly updated plug-in. Also, the product has an integration of support of the modules for the popular WinAMP player. If you can play an audio file on your PC that means that you can surely convert it with AEDTools Pro!

Key Features:
  • A plug-in based application.
    What does this mean? You can extend features without upgrading main software. You need a specific audio format that does not supported by default package? Just download one plug-in and connect in!
  • Most of all popular audio formats are supported (including RealAudio, WMA, Mpeg, TwinVQ, MPV, MP+, mp3PRO...)
  • A powerfull user friendly interface.
  • Step by step audio conversion wizard
    that helps you setup new audio conversion tasks. Single conversion, group files conversion, folders conversion...
  • Smart sampling frequency control function
    Frequency Control allows you to avoid distortions resulting from the incorrect conversion of sampling frequency.
  • WinAMP Input Plug-In(s) are supported!
    Most of all WinAMP input plugins are supported in AEDTools Pro. It can be used as decoder modules. If WinAMP installed correctly then AEDTools Pro get path to WinAMP automaticaly.
  • Preview output result mode
    You can test output sound quality by using Preview button. This option helps you to select required conversion settings.
  • DSP plugins support*
  • Software Development Kit that allows you create own plugins*
Editor's Review:
Using AEDTools Pro you can forget about surfing through the whole Internet looking for converter which can change the unknown audio format to the format you are used to.

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