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ASX to MP3 Converter 1.88.10 - User Guide and FAQ

Screenshots - More Details

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Batch Convert Files

To batch convert audio files from ASX to MP3, you can follow the steps below:
  1. Press 'Batch' button in Function Regions to pop-up Batch Convert Window
  2. Select input folder for source files
  3. Select output folder for destination files
  4. Select destination MP3 file's bit rate
  5. Then press 'OK' button.
Steps to Convert One File

To convert single audio file from one format to MP3, you can follow the following steps:
  1. Press 'Load' button in Function Regions to load one audio file
  2. Click 'Convert' button in Function Regions, a Convert Window will pop up
  3. Select output folder for the converted file
  4. Select destination MP3 file's bit rate
  5. Then press OK button.

Frequently Asked Questions - ASX to MP3 Converter

  1. How to stop ASX to MP3 Converter converting a file for 2 times while batch conversion?
    Usually, this is caused by the same file has been included for 2 times. You can set the option "Skip exist files" selected. If this option is selected, ASX to MP3 Converter will not create two same files.

  2. Does the converting speed slider affect the output file's quality?
    Of course not. You can set the slider to a small value towards slower only when your computer needs to do other work at the same time.

  3. Does ASX to MP3 Converter allow to convert windows media files which have been DRM protected by creater?
    No. So far, no tools allow to convert the DRM protected files directly except recording them from sound card.

Screenshots - More Details

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