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MP3 Converter 4.1 - User Guide and FAQ

Screenshots - More Details

How to use MP3 Converter

  1. Add a media file or more
    • You can add any media file format including MPG, ASF, AVI, VOB, RM, RMVB, MP3, WAV and so on.
    • You can remove the added files or move-up/move-down files to adjust order.

  2. Preview it or set the convert part
    • You can preview the selected media file.
    • You can set the convert selection, cut the need part from full media file.

  3. Select the target format
    • You can select target format, MP3 or WAV or MPEG1Audio or AVI (audio only).
    • You can set output folder, default is "C:\ConvertedMedia".

  4. Convert it
    • Ok, click "Convert" button, that's all.

Frequently Asked Questions - MP3 Converter

  1. MP3 Converter strangely doesn't recognize *.ram files, but Realplayer can play it normally.
    Some *.ram files are index files, and exclude any media data. Please check the size of *.ram file, if the size is smaller than 1KB, mostly it's an index file.
    You can open the *.ram file with Notepad or other text editor, and download the actual media file with the URL list in the *.ram file, then begin to convert.

Screenshots - More Details

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