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Record copy-protected music, audio books and video clips in WMA, M4P, AAC, M4B and MP4 formats.

Download Site 1       Download Site 2       Download Site 3       Buy Now $14.90

File Size:5,366 KB System:Windows 2000/XP
License:Free to try ($14.90) Limitations:30 seconds rerecording
Date Added:06-20-2006 Requirements:Windows PC at least 1 GHz. Windows Media Player 9

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Software Description:
Record protected WMA, M4P, M4B MUSIC & AUDIOBOOKS OR WMV & M4V videoclips. Tunebite = Multiple-Speed-Rerecording in Digital Quality. Converts legally DRM protected files to free MP3, WMA, WMV, OGG and MPE4. Automatically recording of DRM-protected music, audio books and video clips while playing on the PC.

Tunebite is a Windows software product, which, once installed on the PC, fully automatically or manually records media files that are purchased online as the files are played back. It is completely legal to record and playback on a different reproducer of yours. Tunebite is technology-proof, does not bypass any digital copy protection and therefore conforms with all digital copy protection measures, provided that the user is legally entitled to listen to the music.

Key Features:
  • Convert legally DRM protected files to free MP3, WMA, WMV and MPE4.
  • Automatically recording of DRM-protected music, audio books and video clips while playing on the PC.
  • AA + Leverages 4x High Speed Digital Dubbing for turbo-speed recording + Identification of already recorded audio files.
  • Convert comfortably new files from music flat rate subscriptions + Supports listening to other music during the recording process.
  • Independent from sound card functionality + Recognizes when music is being played and automatically records it (background mode) + Automatically configures audio recording levels and devices.
  • Displays the optimum recording level on an oscilloscope monitor while recording +Shows cover artwork during recording + Saves audio recordings in unprotected, digital quality MP3, OGG and WMA formats.
  • Automatically saves track title, artist and album name (ID3 tag compatible) + Adapts volume to the average volume level of the entire music collection (normalization).
  • Allows music tracks to be saved in various folders based on artist and album + Records DRM protected video clip file formats WMV & M4V + Due to Speed-Managed-Digital-Dubbing recordings are also possible with PCs with weak CPU.
  • Advanced optimized algorithm to keep A/V-synchronization at CPU usage peaks + Automatically configures video recording levels and devices.
  • Shows Video-clip, buffering and frame drops as quality assurance + Saves video recordings in unprotected, digital quality WMV & MPEG4 + Special add on: 3ivx video encoder for unprotected MP4.
Editor's Review:
The main function of Tunebite is record music and video clips. You can use tunebite as a always running background application that automatically detects and re-encodes each protected media file you listen to using Windows Media Player 9 (or later) or Apple iTunes 4 (or later). Alternatively you can perform batch re-encoding tasks from time to time.

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