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Cool Audio Editor 2.1 - User Guide and FAQ

Screenshots - More Details

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Frequently Asked Questions - Cool Audio Editor

  1. How to record sound from Microphone, DVD / VCD / CD Player, MP3 Player, RealPlayer, Windows Media Player, Web Page, Internet Conversation, Internet News, Internet Radio Station and the others?

    Step 1. Select the Record Source. Select 'Microphone' in the Record Source to record from Microphone. Select 'Stereo Mix' in the Record Source to record any sound from your sound card.

    Step 2. Click the Record button to begin recording.

    Step 3. Click Stop button to end recording.

  2. How to recording from a microphone?

    Most sound cards can receive sound input from a microphone through the sound card microphone port. This is useful for recording voice or sounds directly to your computer.

    1. Check your hardware. If your microphone has never worked, or it stopped working, first check the physical connection of the microphone. Verify that it is firmly plugged into the microphone port instead of the headphone or speaker port.

    2. Open Akram Audio Editor->Choose Mic, or Microphone from record Options. Adjust the recording volume for the highest possible performance. To do this, adjust the slider bars.

    3. Click the Record button and then speak into the microphone. If the microphone is plugged into the correct jack, the wave patterns on the display should move up and down. If it does not move, sound is not going to your microphone. If the wave moves, click the Stop button, and then click the Play button to listen to your recording.

    4. Click File > Save or Save As. This saves the audio data from the microphone as a WAV, MP3, or WMA file.

Screenshots - More Details

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