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Easy Audio Editor 7.4 - User Guide and FAQ

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How To Edit Audio File

Step 1. Open an audio file
Click Open button in the top toolbar or you can also drag-drop the audio file from file folder into the Wave View in the main window to open audio file for editing. The audio data will be shown in the Wave View.

Step 2. Click and drag your mouse on the Wave View to select the part you want to edit

Step 3. Edit the audio data
Open the Edit, Operations and Filters menu item or click the buttons in the top toolbar to choose your action and edit the audio data.

Step 4. Save the audio data
You can save the audio data as various format audio file. Click the Save button to save the whole audio data, click Save As button to save the whole audio data as a different file name, type and location or click Save Selected As button to save the selection.

Frequently Asked Questions - Easy Audio Editor

  1. How to edit the audio in a video file?
    Click Extract From Video button to extract audio from video files. After the audio has been extracted and loaded, you can edit and save it as other audio files.

  2. How to record sound from Microphone, DVD / VCD / CD Player, MP3 Player, RealPlayer, Windows Media Player, Web Page, Internet Conversation, Internet News, Internet Radio Station and the others?
    Select 'Microphone' as the Record Source to record from Microphone or select 'Stereo Mix' as the Record Source to record any sound from your sound card.

  3. I have to record the whole CD and save it then play it back to edit. Can Easy Audio Editor support reading CD tracks directly?
    Yes, you can use Easy Audio Editor to load the CD tracks directly. Click Open button then choose the file type as CD tracks to open it.

  4. How to save the songs I have edited to the CD with Easy Audio Editor?
    The CD track format is read-only because the CDROM is read-only. You can not save the songs to the CDROM. If you want to open the songs in the CDROM and edit it. After editing, you must save it as other formats (MP3, WAV, etc.). You can not use the save button to save the audio data when the audio file is CD track. You must use Save As function (Menu->File->Save As) to save it as other format. You can use our MP3 CD Writer or some other CD Burner software to burn your audio files to the CD-R/W disc.

  5. How to convert audio format from one to the others using Easy Audio Editor?
    Open the audio files and save them as other formats.

  6. I have a MP3 file on my hard drive. I would like to boost the output signal. Is this possible?
    Open the file with Easy Audio Editor, then select some parts or total audio data and click Amplify+ or Amplify- button to adjust the volume.

  7. How to combine several songs into one song?
    Open the first audio file, then use the Past From File or Mix From File function to past or mix the other audio files into the original audio file.

  8. Normally we use a tape recorder, is there any way to use a microphone to record the songs in the tape recorder so I can edit it?
    Yes you can use Record function to do it. Select the record source as Microphone and begin to record. But the effect is not very famous if you record from microphone. If there is an output line in your tape recorder you can insert it into the Line In port in your computer and select record source as Line In to record.

Screenshots - More Details

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