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ID3 renamer 2.15.14 - User Guide and FAQ

Screenshots - More Details

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Box with tag options
In this box you can select options for files. Files without these properties will be show in the list on the left side.

Join type
Here you can select how the multiple selections will be joined. If you select AND option, all checked options needs to be fulfilled. On the other hand the OR option will select files with at least one (one or more) option fulfilled.

in alphabetical order Files are sorted according to its filename.

in track order Files are sorted according to Track field from tag. If some files have the same track they are sorted according to filename.

in title order Similar to "in track order", but sorted is according to Title from tag.

in album and title order Files are sorted according to Album and then Title from tag.

in disc and track order Similar to "in album and title order", but sorted is according to Disc number and Track from tag. Disc # is used only in ID3v2.

with full path Paths in playlist will be stored with full path. Else program saves relative paths (given to the selected directory)

simple M3U Only the simple M3U playlist will be generated (no extended info in the playlist file).

Screenshots - More Details

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