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XPlayer 3.0.1 - User Guide and FAQ

Screenshots - More Details

How can I translate a language for XPlayer

XPlayer is looking for addition language supporters, who want to help and are able to make long term commitment to translate language for XPlayer.
(When your translation is successful approved, you are allegeable to receive free copy of XPlayer.)

Following are the steps to support a language:

1. Please download english.txt into your hard drive,
2. open it with a text editor,
3. then translate all strings in "" into the language you are translating.
4. MAKE SURE YOU SAVE THE FILE AS ANSI encode file format.
5. Then you send the file to

Looking for new supporters for following languages:



Any Other Languages

Current language supporters:

Brazilian Portuguese: Ivens Prates Telles Alves

Catalan Àlvar Laguarda

Chinese Simplified: Lin Ming Qiang

Chinese Traditional: Koko

Danish Jeppe Andersen

Dutch Olger901

English: Lin Ming Qiang

French: Eric Dugas

German: I3e4st

Hebrew The IceMan

Italian: Carlo Lucietto

Norwegian: Bjorn Dommersnes

Polish: wins

Russian Viacheslav Kartsev

Thai Sopchok Pimnoi

Spanish: Àlvar Laguarda
Solvak: Marian Hubinsky

Swedish: Michael Anderson

Ukrainian: the QUE

Screenshots - More Details

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