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HappyEO Pro 3.08 - User Guide and FAQ

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Frequently Asked Questions - HappyEO Pro

  1. How to play melody with Left Keyboard after starting auto-accompaniment?
    After starting auto-accompaniment, By default, the function layout of Left Keyboard will change to "Control + Auto-Chord" automatically. Then you can use Left Keyboard to change auto-chord, change voice and change effect. If you want to play melody with Left Keyboard, you must change the function layout of Left Keyboard to "Melody + Melody" (or other), but then you can not change auto-chord.

  2. How to change MIDI output device?
    You can only use the MIDI output device which is default for Windows in a express edition or a standard edition. To change the MIDI output device which is default for Windows, Enter "Control Panel" --> Multimedia --> MIDI.

  3. No Sound
    At first, some MIDI player such as "Windows Media Player" can play MIDI file correctly on your computer? If no, check your sound card driver or windows mixer settings.

    Second, change the default MIDI output device (in Windows or in HappyEO). Some MIDI output device such as "MPU 401" can't sound!

  4. How to loop when playback?
    Only in Playback mode loop is available. Press shift+F8 to switch loop ON/OFF.

  5. Sound delay! (Sound can be heard in a moment after pressing a key.)
    Sometimes, it is called Latency. It is independent of HappyEO. Generally, it relate to the MIDI output device.

    • If use a soft Wavetable (such as winGroove or Roland VSC-88 or YAMAHA S-YXG) as MIDI output device, the sound delay is much in evidence usually. (but YAMAHA S-YXG can get little delay by setup it's options)
    • Many MIDI output device based on-board sound card such as Microsoft GS Wavetable SW Synch, exist sound delay problem, too.
    • Few types of computer keyboard can increase the delay.
    • Some voice, such as some strings, sound delay is it's property.

    If you want to treat HappyEO as a real instrument, a (external) sound card is recommended.

  6. How to play semi-tone (or black key or sharp note)?
    There are several ways to do this:

    • Change the function layout of Left Keyboard to "Cakewalk".
    • Customize the key definition.
    • Press SPACE additional to up one semi-tone. For example, you want to play #D on right keyboard, you can press SPACE at first (do not release), then press the key of D (that is 2 on right keyboard), now sound #D and you can release SPACE.
    • Use F12 to quick define temporary semi-tone.

  7. No key is pressed in HappyEO when I pressed a key on computer keyboard.
    Left Keyboard in HappyEO have only 24 keys. But Left Keyboard on computer keyboard have more than 40 keys...

  8. I can playback a MIDI file in "Playback and Play" mode or "Playback and Play and Record" mode or "Playback" mode. Difference between them?
    In "Playback" mode, HappyEO uses all 16 MIDI channels to playback, loop is available, but can not play. In other two modes, HappyEO uses 13 MIDI channels to playback, and reserve 3 channels to play.

  9. How to play multi-notes (such as a chord) by pressing one key?
    For right keyboard, you can use effect to do this. For left keyboard, you can use function layout to do this. See help document included software for more information.

  10. How to create my own "Karaoke-play MIDI song"?
    "Karaoke-play MIDI song" means that it has no melody tracks. To get "Karaoke-play MIDI song" from a normal MIDI song, you open the control window in HappyEO Pro, open a MIDI song and playback, mute (or adjust volume of) the melody channels (tracks) , then click "Modify" button, select "Delete muted channels" (or "Change initial volume of channels to current value"), then click "OK" button. Finally, stop playback and save it (you should rename it). That's OK!

  11. Can HappyEO be used as "virtual piano" in Cakewalk?
    Yes, but only available in HappyEO Pro, because only HappyEO Pro has the ability of MIDI-input. But to be used as "virtual piano" in Cakewalk, you need install a MIDI driver which can connect multiple MIDI-programs. "Hubi's LoopBack device" is just such one.

Screenshots - More Details

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