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123 Sound Recorder 3.10 - User Guide and FAQ

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How to record sound from streaming internet or WinAmp (Windows Media Player)

  1. Click the "Output File" Button, Select output path and enter an audio file name.
  2. Choose the device "Stereo Mix" from the Sound Source combo box. You also can click "Format Settings" -> "Mixer". Select "Stereo Mix" device or the equivalent, in the Recording Device list. adjust the recording volume for the highest possible performance. You might see other devices, such as CD-Player or Microphone, in the recording panel, uncheck all non-essential devices, this cuts down background noise.
  3. Choose an output format for your files: WAV, MP3, OGG, Vox, Raw and G726. Click "Format Settings" -> "Formats and filters settings" to Select the appropriate quality in the Recording.
  4. Now start the playback of the WinAmp (Windows Media Player) or the stream audio from Internet and click the "Record" button (Hot key: "CTRL+R") in 123 Sound Recorder. Adjust the volume setting by observing a wave pattern display of the audio as it is playing.
  5. When you want to stop recording, just click "Stop" button (Hot key: "CTRL+S") , and the destination sound file is there.

Frequently Asked Questions - 123 Sound Recorder

  1. What is 123 Sound Recorder?
    123 Sound Recorder is a very useful sound recording tool. You can record your own music, voice or other sound into MP3, OGG VOX or WAV files from microphone, music cassettes, CDs, LP's, games as well as from music played by other program like Windows Media Player, Winamp, etc.

    123 Sound Recorder can also Converts audio formats MP3, WAV, OGG and WMA from one to another.

  2. Can 123 Sound Recorder edit MP3 ID3 Tags?
    123 Sound Recorder help you to organize your MP3s. With 123 Sound Recorder you can easily edit ID3 tags and keep your music collection in good order. Click "Edit ID3" button to edit your MP3 id3 tags.

  3. How can I know my recording is going on?
    Check if there are audio curves in the curve display area. The line keeps still in the bottom of the area means there’s no sound input. please check your setting or hardware connection.

  4. How to rename a recorded file?
    You may right-click on recordings in the list, from there you can playback the recordings, rename audio file or delete individual recordings.

  5. Can 123 Sound Recorder convert audio formats?
    This sound recording software can also Converts audio formats MP3, WAV, OGG and WMA from one to another. You can click "Audio Converter" button to convert audio files.

  6. My recording file is too big. How to reduce its file size?
    You may choose a suitable format according to your needs. If you need CD quality music, WAV format will be your choice for sure. If you need to record audios of average quality, MP3 or OGG will be fine. But if you want to record news broadcasting, speech, greetings and so on, OGG and MP3 will provide you smaller sized files suitable for saving and sending.

  7. I set the schedules to record new broadcasting. But I got nothing. Why?
    Please make sure:
    1. the sound recording software is opened;
    2. your computer is connected to the internet;
    3. your recording schedule has been set correctly;
    4. Your audio source is on and is in good status.
      Do not close the sound recording software or turn off your computer if you want to record by schedules.

  8. How to extract music from movie?
    You may play your VCD/DVD with a player then save the sound into MP3/WAV/G726/OGG with 123 Sound Recorder.

  9. How to convert music from tape cassettes?
    You need only a device for transfering the sound from your tape cassettes to your computer and then record it.

  10. How to record Inetnet News or Radio Station on the Internet?
    Sometimes, you want to record sound from the Internet News or Internet Radio Station, you may launch the sound recording software, set the file name for saving, Add the schedules for recording, wait for the result.

  11. How to record as long time as I like?
    If you are using a full version of the 123 Sound Recorder, the sound recording software would allow your record as long time as you like only if the free hard disk space enough. If you are using a trial/evaluation version, it has a 40 seconds time limitation, on this case, you need to buy a registration code from us to register it to remove the limitation.

Screenshots - More Details

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