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Wave To Text 5.26 - User Guide and FAQ

Screenshots - More Details

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How to use it

  1. Install the setup file.
  2. There are 4 options "train voice" "record voice" "wave to text" "edit conversion" for you to choose.
  3. Follow the suggestions.

Frequently Asked Questions - Wave To Text

  1. Can Voice Dictation be performed fast?
    Yes. Please adjust the suitable speed from Voice Dictation/ Menu/ Dictation Options/ Processing Speed.

  2. Real-time voice dictation is not at all accurate what do I do?
    • It is important to see the quality of your microphone.
    • Observe if the inaccurate text written is something that you will write if you are hard of hearing or the person dictating to you is speaking from a distance (and/or you are hearing ). This is a problem of your microphone. Increase microphone volume Get the best quality one now. Remove surrounding noises.
    • In that case also please manually increase the volume of your recording microphone from volume control.
    • Train for at least five sessions.
    • Recall if you have gotten a 90+ accuracy with other recognizers before. If you have, then follow the similar principles.
    • If you never ever got such a accuracy with any recognizer then it is a problem with your handling of the speech recognition system. You may have to struggle a bit until you get things right. Once things are set, you are on.

Screenshots - More Details

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