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PowerSheet Standard 4.0 - User Guide and FAQ

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Template Template is a form that is composed of basic report information (such as design organization, designer, design date, report type and so on), report view style (such as line, font, color, size, align and so on), data properties(such as cell type, data source),cell calculation formulae, template balance formulae and so on. Template allows you to enter, edit, calculate, manipulate and analyze data such as numbers and text.

Template Code Template Code is the unique identification of the Template. It is composed of 8 random characters. Designer can modify or view Template Code in the menu("Template/Property.") under the designing mode of the PowerSheet workspace or the guiding of creating Template.

Cell The intersection of a column and a row is a cell. The cell is the basic unit of the Template and data is entered in cells.

Run Mode Run Mode is the running mode of filling in data and analyzing data. Under this mode, it is used to operate sheet data.

Temporary Data File Under the Run Mode, it is used in keeping the data that have already been filled in temporarily. Do not check-up the validity and legitimacy of the data. Its extended name is "*.ptd".
From the menu, select File>Save Data>To File - then select "PowerSheet Temporary Data File(*.ptd )" in the dialog, you can saved up PowerSheet Temporary Data File.

Screenshots - More Details

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