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Bar Code 128 3.8 - User Guide and FAQ

Screenshots - More Details

Bar codes won't scan

There are only three reasons why bar codes printed with our fonts won't scan.
  • You did not include the start or the stop code. (All bar code 128 codes must start with either a {, |, or } and end with a ~. Our bar128 program does this for you automatically.)
  • You did not calculate and add the checksum character. This unique checksum must be added before the stop character.
  • You are attempting to print a bar code that is beyond the resolution of your printer. These bar code fonts are optimized for medium to high resolution laser and inkjet printers. The maximum print density at 300 dpi is 6.82 characters per inch, or 13.6 characters per inch at 600 dpi.
Clip board copy doesn't work

When you use our Bar128 utility program to copy a bar code to the clipboard, you are only copying the bar code data! When you paste this data into a Windows application all you will see is the bar code data- there will not be a bar code there. To make a bar code appear you need to highlight the bar code data in your Windows program and then select one of our bar code fonts.

Making a taller bar code

To make taller bar codes increase the point size for your data.

If you want to make taller bar codes without increasing the width of the bar code, select the next larger typeface name . For example, if you are using "Code 128AB" and you want a taller bar code of the same width, select typeface "Code 128AB Tall".

If you reach typeface name "Code 128AB Tall" and still can't get the height you want, you will need to print the bar code line twice. Print a line, move down on the page, and print the same line again. The bar codes will join together and make a taller bar code than was possible with only a single printing pass.

Mail Merge Problems

When you are doing a mail merge from Excel or Access to Word, some characters in a bar code may cause problems. Word does not like to see two quote characters in mail merge data. To avoid this problem, we placed a duplicate quote bar code character in the character position. The VBA macros will automatically translate quote characters (") to avoid this problem with Word.

Text appears instead of bar codes

These bar codes are implemented as typefaces or fonts. You must select the text that you want to appear as a bar code and change the font to one of our bar code typefaces.

If you used our utility, bar128, to build a bar code string and copy it to the clipboard, note that only the string was copied. You need to change the font for that string to one of the 12 bar code typefaces in this package.

Screenshots - More Details

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