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Simple Business Accounting 3.0.1 - User Guide and FAQ

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How are about Simple Business Accounting ?

OWL Simple Business Accounting (SBA) is an easy-to-use program that is designed to maintain complete and accurate accounting of income and expenses. In creating Simple Business Accounting, our objective was to produce a program that is intuitive and requires no prior knowledge of accounting. SBA uses the "single entry" bookkeeping method that is recommended by the IRS. This accounting method is easy to use and is equally suited for small businesses and individuals.

Using SBA, you can produce a variety of expense, income, profit and general ledger reports. You can define up to 1000 different income and expense accounts to fully categorize your income and expenses for tax purposes.

SBA employs the concept of folders where each folder contains income and expense data that may be reported either separately or in combination. Thus, Simple Business Accounting may be used for multiple businesses, multiple divisions within a single business or for both business and personal accounting.

Simple Business Accounting is linked to OWL Simple Business Invoicing and Inventory management program (SBII) via an import option that transfers income data from SBII into Simple Business Accounting. SBII provides complete tracking of sales, inventory, customers and receivables. The combination of SBII and Simple Business Accounting provides a complete business management solution for many small businesses.

Before using this program, please review all information contained in the SBA README file. This file contains important information about system requirements, configuring your system for proper operation and upgrading data from previous versions of Simple Business Accounting and OWL Basic Bookkeeping.

Screenshots - More Details

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