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RCL Music Ministry 4.5

Manage your music ministry, songs, collections, ensemble, worship order, history.

Download Site 1       Download Site 2       Download Site 3       Buy Now $41.25

File Size:8,059 KB System:Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP/2003
License:Free to try ($41.25) Limitations:shareware
Date Added:05-25-2006 Requirements:Pentium II, 32 meg of ram, 12 Meg of disk space

RCL Music Ministry
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Software Description:
A church can use this program to maintain all of the churches music, performance history and copyright obligations. In addition all choir members contact information and participation can be maintained. Lastly an inventory of the instruments and equipment can be maintained along with a detailed history of repair and maintenance. Some of the data for each song is: title, artist, composer, arranger, orchestra parts, custom alphanumeric library number, and the copyright administrator. Enter any number of themes into a search list for later access. Enter lyrics for each song and print them at any time, including exporting to Microsoft Word. Maintain the churches music library. Enter the type of storage medium, custom library number, title, arranger, composer, publisher, cost, when purchased, list orchestra parts, and more!

In addition to the basic information of name and address the following can be saved, is the person a vocalist, soloist, what voice part, do they play an instrument, if so what instrument. Personal data like birthday, and attendance. Enter all the ensembles the person belongs and their level of stewardship. See at a glance the performance history of a soloist. Plan for each service a worship order. Show the song title, collection source, ensemble, soloist, date, service and copyright information. The worship order is defined first by the scheduled performance date. It can be further defined by ensemble. When the performance is complete click on the Update button to create or increment the history of each song title, collection, ensemble and soloist.

Key Features:
  • Report Designer for songs, collections, and choir. Backup now a separate program.
  • New window resize strategy.
  • Maintain songs and access by title, author, category and unlimited themes. Design queries to view selected songs with specific criteria.
  • Maintain a collection list - CD, Tapes and the songs on each.
  • Easy to use Worship List allows you to select songs for multiple performance dates, select musical score from collection, assign an ensemble and/or soloist.
  • Update history with one click! Add to copyright obligation, index the song use count and collection use count. Both song and collection will be updated with the last date it was performed.
  • Features a custom Query Designer allowing you to maintain, run and save import queries. Print reports using the Query Designer or print all data.
  • Maintain an inventory of all equipment; robes, instruments, and electronics. When purchased, price, insurance and keep a text history of repairs and maintenance.
  • Maintain a roster of all members. Each member can be assigned to more than one ensemble. If the member is a soloist one click view all songs they have performed and when.
  • Create bulk email addressed to all choir members, or only selected members. For instance email only the members of a specific ensemble.
  • If your church has a network the RCL Music Ministry program is multi-user. (Your system administrator will need to set this up!).
  • An import function for the song and collection files. You design your own export file to match either; dBase, Delimited ASCII (comma, tab, pipe and semicolon), and Flat ASCII.
Editor's Review:
RCL Music Ministry is simple enough to use. It is a complete tool for a minister of music as it not only handles your choral library but your orchestrations, recordings, inventory and choir as well.

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