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PowerPoint to Video 1.3.0 - User Guide and FAQ

Screenshots - More Details

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Frequently Asked Questions - PowerPoint to Video

  1. How records the sound into output video file?
    Normally input source item means: "Mono Mix", "Stereo Mix", "Wave ...":from background music e.x PowerPoint presentations self sound, Audio Player sound etc. "Microphone": from micro phone input. "CD Player": from CD Player music.

  2. How improve the quality of output video?
      Several ways for improve the quality of output video
    1. Close other software when recording.
    2. Select "DirectDraw" item in "Capture Mode" combox
    3. Graphics/Video Board set to 24bit/32bit
    4. "Unchecked" the "Use Compression" boxes (that will make a bigger video file)
    5. Set a small rect of output video
    6. Run this software in a high capability computer

  3. How to burn the output video to VCD/DVD disc?
    Recommend use NERO software burns the output video to VCD/DVD disc.

  4. Where are the output video file?
    The path of output video file: The default setting is "C:\", so you may find your video file in the "C:\yourppt_001.avi". you can change that folder in the "option".

Screenshots - More Details

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