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Book Writer

An useful writing software for creative writers which is in the nature of good writing to gather, coordinate, and simplify.

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File Size:5.91 MB System:Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista
License:Free to try ($67) Limitations:30 days
Date Added:02-17-2008 Requirements:windows

Book Writer
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Software Description:
It is in the nature of good writing to gather, coordinate, and simplify. It is sometimes in the nature of computers, however, to disperse, disjoint, and complicate. To simplify the writing environment, Book Writer™ omits word processing features that are for business, such as mail merge and team development. To give the writer a central hold on a project of multiple chapters, Book Writer™ provides a Project Manager and a Project Commander. With these, the project is more like a book or manuscript held in the hand than a number of files scattered in the dark of electronic space.

Book Writer™ provides visual interfaces to manipulate a project's files by dragging or clicking book and chapter icons. Book Writer™ can copy, move, and zip all or selected files in the project. Book Writer™ can search all files in a project, replace text, index the project for instant text retrieval, and move from file to file to show the findings. Advanced search features include four ways to search files: plain-text search, regular expressions, approximate, and sound-alike. Find words even if they are misspelled. Instantly find all the lines in your project where you mentioned a particular name, or anything, and scroll from line to line.

Book Writer™ can organize and search the support files for a project, such as research documents or previous works. Just add such files to the project during development, remove later.

You can use Book Writer's editor and other features without using the Project Manager and Commander.

Book Writer™ includes a complete thesaurus and dictionary.

The program has pop-up, context-sensitive help via the F1 key.

Key Features:
  • Combine related files into a project for easy management.
  • Open all files in a project with a single click.
  • Move from file to file by clicking notebook tabs.
  • Find any word or phrase in all project files, opened or not.
  • Copy or move all files at once.
  • Zip all files in a project for backup or emailing.
  • Think of the right word easily with Active Thesaurus™.
  • Eliminate needless business functions from your word editor.
  • Easily import Word® and WordPerfect® files
Editor's Review:
If you have chapters, notes, papers, or any writings spread across multiple files, you can use Book Writer™ to free your creative mind from your computer.

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