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HTMLtoRTF Converter Pro 2.07

Convert HTML to Word (RTF, DOC) with images, tables or HTML files to Text. You can ajust program and output RTF, DOC or TXT file will look as you wish. It supports: tables and nested tables, table width, table borders, ect.

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Version: 2.07 Publisher:
File Size: 793 Kb System: Windows ME/NT/2000/XP
License: Free to try ($39.00) Limitations: free 30-day trial
Date Added: 04-14-2008 Requirements: 

HTMLtoRTF Converter Pro 2.07

Software Description:
The resulting document looks exactly like the original HTML file (web-page) - the images are unchanged and located in their appropriate places, the alignment is exactly the same, font face, color and size are not altered, and bold, italic and underlined text stays just as it should be.

Support: images, tables, font face, size, color, alignment, hyperlinks, special characters, automatic select of coding etc. You can convert HTML to RTF with tables or transform tables into text. You can convert many files at once. Average speed of converting in RTF without images - 15 files in a second. After converting to RTF - take up only half the space they would in comparison with DOC-format.

Key Features:

The program converts HTML and ASP files into good-looking RTF or DOC with tables and images. The output RTF file is smaller than the input HTML file. Average speed of converting more than 1500 Kb per sec. Support:
  • tables
  • preserve width of table columns
  • nested tables
  • images (gif, jpg and png)
  • hyperlinks
  • CSS support
  • font face, color, size
  • page alignment
  • bold, italic and underline text
  • special characters
  • command line interface
  • automatic coding select
  • new algorithm for nested tables, supporting colpan and rowspan attributes
  • support for table background colors
  • new page sizes: Letter, Legal, Executive and Monarch
  • Improved converting of complicated tables
  • Added switch ‘Preserve background color’ in GUI.
  • support of Japanese, Chinese and Korean languages;
  • new features to command line.
Improved image conversion and bullet lists.

Editor's Review:
HTML to RTF Converter Pro is a handy software utility that takes a web-page (HTML or ASP file) and instantly converts it to .rtf or .doc file that can be used in any word-processor, for example, in MS Word or WordPad.

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