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Arctic Rush V1.4

Amazing 3d arctic scenery with polar bears makes this game pleasant and high number of bonuses increases its playability

Download Site 1       Download Site 2       Download Site 3       Buy Now $14.95

File Size:4,295 KB System:Windows 98/ME/2000/XP
License:Free to try ($14.95) Limitations:Two weeks free
Date Added:02-06-2006 Requirements:Pentium II Celeron 500 class machine & DirectX-8

Arctic Rush
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Software Description:
The Arctic is one of the most inaccessible and mysterious places on Earth. And where there are mysteries the tireless Dr. Scott appears. During the night Dr. Scott's Arctic expedition is thrown into extreme danger. The ice shelf, where Dr. Scott lay sleeping in his tent, breaks away from the continent and drifts out into the high seas.

Fortunately, Dr. Scott remembers to phone the Emergency Service Number - 911 and soon valiant rescuers, on helicopters and planes, begin to drop the needed supplies. Unfortunately, Dr. Scott's troubles are not over. The rescuers have tried too hard. They have almost overwhelmed the great scientist/researcher with emergency supplies and now he must escape from the dropping boxes!

In Arctic Rush you play the part of the cientist/researcher Dr. Scott. Your task is to survive the relentless cascade of boxes and score points by exploding them. You are assisted by your faithful dog, Sheriff, who will drive off the marauding polar bears who are trying to take the most important supplies. Directions: Move Dr. Scott to stack three identical boxes together to gain points. Explode boxes for points. Reward Sheriff with a bone for chasing the polar bears away.

Key Features:
  • amazing 3d graphic;
  • three skill levels;
  • nag-screen won't disturb you any more;
  • excellent soundtrack & sound effects
Editor's Review:
Arctic Rush is a fancy game and is quite different from others. I was attracted deeply and immersed in the gaiety of the part of Dr. Scott.

This 3d colorful arcade game successfully combines adventures, miseries, puzzles, bonuses and kind humor. The application of KEY 1 to 0 on keyboard and the span between them improve the difficulty. You must jump your fingers, tap the keyboard, and use your head ceaselessly.

Amazing 3d arctic scenery with polar bears makes this game pleasant and high number of bonuses increases its playability. If you get a good score, Arctic Rush will let you enter your name and place it on the top list then shows it to all the players. To sum up, Arctic Rush is an original game!

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