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Burglars Adventure 2.2

Do you have enough confidence to help your hero make his dream come true and pass through the whole path?

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File Size:2,062 KB System:Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP/2003
License:Free Limitations:Comes with ads.
Date Added:07-04-2006 Requirements:High or true color highly recommended

Game Screen in Burglars Adventure
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Software Description:

In game Burglars Adventure the main character is going searching the biggest safe in the world. He just adores money and jewelry, and won't stop before breaking the safe of his life. You have to help him overcome all the hardships and collect as many coins as possible!

At every level you have to find a safe in the house to get to the next level. You'll have to go through many rooms and collect several keys. Every level contains secret rooms opened by special keys. One key may open several doors but you can't know which key suits the door. So you'll have to wonder along the whole level doors to get the right door.

Don't forget the time is limited and in case you don't get it in time the alarm will work and your trip will be over. With every new level you'll need stronger courage for the houses are getting richer and richer, and are getting better secured. The last house is the richest and it's here where the super safe is. Help your hero make his dream come true and pass through the whole path!

Key Features:
  • Create outstanding animated graphics
  • Support full screen and window modes
  • Make an original musical background and good sound effects
  • Use keyboard and Mouse control
  • Have user-friendly interface
  • Absolutely FREE Logic Game
Editor's Review:

Burglars Adventure a free and funny logical game that is popular with thousands of players including kids and adults. Player needs to help the main character to collect money and jewelry from every room. Don't forget to collect keys if you find! Many rooms are locked, and these keys may be used.

After entering a door, maybe there is much money, or a atrocious man waiting for you. Breaking into the house with a burglar requires your nonstandard decisions and a good sense of humor during all the six game levels. But this game comes with advertisement, and you need to read installation agreement carefully before you play. Good luck!

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