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Cosmo Bots 1.02 - User Guide and FAQ

Screenshots - More Details


There are many different enemies in Cosmo Bots- each with its own special characteristics.
  • Regular Roller: This is the most basic enemy. It just floats around the screen aimlessly. If it touches a line you're making, it will unleash an electrical charge that travels to your shooter, destroying it.
  • Regular Walker: This is also a very basic enemy. It simply walks around the perimeter of the level. If it touches a line you're making, it will unleash an electrical charge that travels to your shooter, destroying it.
  • Burst Roller: Similar to the regular roller, this enemy "swims" in small bursts, which makes it more difficult to judge. As with all enemies, don't let it touch your line!
  • Scurry Walker: This walking bug will run very fast when you fire a shot, so be careful, it's a squirmy little bugger!
  • Spin Roller: This floating enemy travels very slow at first, but it starts spinning at an alarming rate! Once it spins to full speed, it travels at warp speed around the level.
  • Smart Walker: This little caterpillar walks very slowly around the level. But it makes up for it's lack-of-speed with brains. It will continuously follow your shooter around the level and is quite a nuisance!
  • Bump Roller: This slow roller seems harmless enough. It isn't smart, it doesn't go fast, and it doesn't trick you. But it does have a nasty little habit of pushing walls back that it bumps into, freeing areas that you had previously filled.
  • Cannon Walker: This slow walker has a devious trick up its sleeve too! It fires cannonballs into the air. When these cannonballs land, they take out a small portion of areas that you filled in.
  • Smart Roller: This is a particularly nasty floating enemy. It will chase you all over the level, trying to touch the lines you make. You have to be very smart when dealing with this enemy. Try luring him to one area, then quickly move across the level and make a fill before he can get to you!
  • Laser Walker: This walking bug likes to shoot a small laser burst at your lines. If that laser hits, your line is destroyed, and you have to start making a new line.
  • Snake Shooter: The biggest, baddest enemy in Cosmo Bots! This massive floating enemy actually shoots tiny projectiles that blow up portions of the board. It can cause mass damage, so look out!

Screenshots - More Details

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