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Magic Snake II   - User Guide and FAQ

Screenshots - More Details

Playing Field

Basic Rules

What is the goal of the game?
The goal is to score points and pass levels by having the snake eat magic berries while avoiding losing all the snake's lives. The higher the level you are playing on, the more points you have to score to get to the next level.

What kills my snake? When is the game over?
Your snake dies if its head collides with its body, with a rock or with another snake (in the two player mode). After a collision, your new snake restarts with five units long and is able to travel through the rocks for 2 seconds without losing an additional life. When all the snake's lives are gone, the game is over.

How many lives does the snake have at the start? Can I earn extra lives?
The snake has 3 lives to at the start and earns 1 extra life for each 5000 points you score. For example, you earn one extra life when you get to 5000 points and another extra life when you get to 10000 points.

What happens when my snake eats a berry?
Each time your snake eats a berry, you earn at least five points. With some types of magic active, you earn bonus points for each berry eaten. For each berry eaten, your snake grows one unit longer. Every time a berry is eaten, a new berry, which can be of any of the five basic berry colors, drops into the pond.

Where do the rocks come from?
The snake's heart can't support more than 24 units of length. If it eats enough berries to get to be 25 units long, it saves itself by shedding 20 units. The units that are shed turn into rocks that must be avoided by the snake as it travels around the pond.

What happens when I score enough points to reach the next level?
All the berries disappear from the pond but all the rocks remain. Your snake comes to a stop. New level starts and five new berries drop into the pond. Restart the snake in the same way you restart after a collision. Your new goal appears on the scoring progress bar.

Screenshots - More Details

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