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Majinwar 2 - User Guide and FAQ

Screenshots - More Details

Game Controls

[Arrows] Walk or run forward.

[A] Combination attack, keep pressing to hit up to 3 times.

[S] Jump up, you can also attack in the air.

[D] Panic attack, to control large crowds surrounding you.

[A+S] Massive attack, high-damage, one-hit knockdown.

[A+D] Magic attack, powerful attack that does lots of damage.

[Mouse] Use the mouse to select menu items.

[Space] Skip any movies or cut scenes.

[Enter] Select a menu item.

[Escape] Quit current game and return to the main menu.

[M] Mute sounds and music.

[P] Pause game.

[+] Change game speed, if your game is too slow or too fast.

The Story

In a once peaceful land, many strange things came about that could not be explained. Apparations came forth and the sky fell with horrendous force, scattering the people homeless throughout the land. The people of the kingdom Duardain blamed their plight on the dark wizard Evanstaul and marched in fiery protest. Who else could have caused so much chaos but the one who is quiet and mysterious as he? But soon, a movement became known, they were outlanders, and their powers were unknown. The soothesayers predicted their arrival and it became clear, now they were everywhere.

As the towns became bombarded by attacks by night fall, King Ranquist of Duardain sent his bravest to the evil island. Courageous knights fought valiantly but to no avail. Their ships sunk suddenly in a bright flash. And those that were able to make it to land fell prey to endless hordes. The evil island inhabitants retaliated by kidnapping Princess Chai, making her a prisoner on the island, tying the hands of the King, making the outlanders free to reign upon his kingdom with no resistance. The king pleaded with others to take action, but fear of the falling sky turned many heads. The wise old Pope of the Church decided that something must be done to stop their evil from spreading across countless other lands. He knew that the outlanders could not be defeated by normal means and the only way was to embrace magic.

The Pope traveled far with his virtuous paladins to arrive at the tower of the dark wizard Eventual. The tower was always a mysterious place, no traveler would ever cross its path. What goes on inside its halls has been rumored in stories to be of black magic, torture and death. The Pope begged for help from the old wizard. Eventual thought long and hard, he wanted to take the blame away from himself and live in silence. Giving the Pope one his most skilled retainers, he agreed to be rid of the outlanders once and for all. The holy army and the soldier of black-magic converged for their quest to rescue the princess and find out the secret of the outlanders.

Screenshots - More Details

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