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Canasis 2.6.3

Free card games, board games, and dominoes including canasta, spades, hearts, pinochle, and more

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File Size:8,465 KB System:Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP
License:Free Limitations:No Limitations
Date Added:07-04-2006 Requirements:Windows

Dominoes Game Screen
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Software Description:

Canasis built in lots of free card games, board games, and dominoes including canasta, spades, hearts, euchre, pinochle, checkers, and more. Players can play online against people or robots with this software. It is famous for having thousands of types of each game. Both single deck and double deck pinochle, cut throat euchre, both US checkers and English draughts, thousands of types of canasta, or invent your own rules for these games.

Great graphics with full scoring charts and large sized cards and buttons make it ideal for learning and those with minor vision problems. Clean and supervised chat rooms keep things friendly and make it easy to always find people to play against in the lobby. There are plenty of clubs, leagues, tournaments, marathons, competitions, and other activities to keep you having fun. Commonly known as "Canasis Games".

Key Features:
  • Online games are free
  • No long signup needed
  • Many friendly players online now to play against
  • Public chat is clean and vigorously supervised
  • Play thousands of rule styles of each online game
  • All online games are in a single download
  • Change the rules enough to invent new games
  • Built-in messenger for convenient private chat
  • Built-in color chatting
  • Play 1 to 4 players and even 3-4 teams
  • Provide good sound effects and voices
  • Easy to use
Editor's Review:

It is a great online cards game. Many people like to play it very much! Canasis offers so many free cards game to play, and it supports many friendly players playing against online. There is built-in messenger for convenient private chat in Canasis. That is very great to help players chat with their friends easily. Good sound effects and voices are created by the game. So Canasis is popular with thousands of players.

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