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IBA Bingo Flashboard 1.07   - User Guide and FAQ

Screenshots - More Details

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Frequently Asked Questions - IBA Bingo Flashboard


Start Calling

Press this button to start calling the numbers.

Pause Calling

Press this button to pause calling the numbers. When this button is pressed, unlike stop calling, the reset number, next/previous rounds buttons are not enabled. This is to prevent accidently changing the round or resetting your numbers.

Stop Calling

Press this button to stop calling the numbers. When this button is pressed you can reset your numbers are advance the round. If you start a game you can not exit the program until this button is pressed.
Note: If you look at the status bar at the bottom on the screen, on the right you will see the status of calling.

Winner Found

Press the button to increment the winner found amount.

Winner List

Press this button to notate winners and various other things.

Reset Numbers

When the game is over press this button to clear out the numbers and start fresh. If by chance something goes wrong during the game such as a power failure, when the power is restored you restart your last game by clicking on "Game | Restore Game". When you restore your game the message "Predetermined List" will appear on your status bar at the bottom of the game screen. You status bar will also turn a pinkish color. A BIG information box appears informing people a predetermined list is being used. This is done to help keep commercial games honest.

Full Screen

Press this button to force the software to use as much as the screen as possible. The only areas that will be visible that do not relate to game play is your button tool bar featuring the buttons, and the status bar at the very bottom of the game screen.

Next Round

Press this button when you want to advance to the next round. All this button really does is increament the round counter. If you are playing a tournament game the software will automatically say quarter-final, semi-final, champship round based on your round settings on the setup screen.

Speed Slider

This slider bar adjust the speed the numbers will be called. The default is 7 seconds. You can see what the speed currently is set for by looking at the status bar at the very bottom of the screen.

Sound Toggle

You can toggle sound on or off with this button.

Say it Twice

Press this button to toggle whether or not each number is called once or twice. In some cases the numbers will only be caused once regardless of how this is set. Examples include bonus, spoiler, and super bonus calls.


If you want to change the pattern display manuelly you can. It should change on its on but there may be a situation where you want to change it yourself. There are three modes: normal, 4card, & super. The software changes among them depending on the pattern you choose.

Normal - This is standard bingo. One card is all you need to play this version of bingo.

4Card - Almost standard bingo. You need 4 cards to play this version of bingo. Every card in the 4card pattern corresponds to 1 of your cards. You must have all 4 patterns matched before calling bingo.

Super - This is a special 300 ball bingo pattern. You need a special 10 x 10 bingo card to play this version of bingo.

Screenshots - More Details

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