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Serious Backgammon v1.24

This game is aimed at all levels of backgammon player.

Download Site       Buy Now $24.95

Version: 1.24 Publisher:
File Size: 1,710 KB System: Windows 95, 98, ME, 2000, NT, XP
License: Free to try ($24.95) Limitations: 14 days
Date Added: 03-13-2008 Requirements: 512MB RAM

Serious Backgammon

Software Description:

New: Two new games introduced in version 1.30:

Acey Deucey is the favourite backgammon game of the US Navy, and introduces a special dice roll. When you roll 2,1 you play the dice as normal, but are then allowed to choose any double, and then roll for a third time. The resulting game adds an exciting edge to your backgammon.

Gul Bara is a completely different type of game. With no hitting the game becomes a pure race, and is much more tactical than standard backgammon. What really stands out is the use of doubles. Roll any double and you get to play it and then all subsequent doubles up to double 6. So if you roll a double 1 you play 1,1 followed by 2,2 ... 3,3 all the way up to 6,6. Roll this at right time and the game can be won from the most hopeless of positions!

Key Feature:
  • A choice of challenging computer opponents.
  • Extensive choice of rules including domino backgammon : a new variation that replaces the dice with dominoes and allows players to think ahead instead of relying on the roll of the dice.
  • A further seven extra backgammon variations.
  • A set of four backgammon challenges : series of matches against progressively improving computer opponents.
  • The dice are fully traceable to ensure the computer does not cheat.
Editor's Review:

A comprehensive backgammon game with many features: A choice of challenging computer opponents, many features & options. Extensive choice of rules including domino backgammon : a new variation that replaces the dice with dominoes and allows players to think ahead instead of relying on the roll of the dice.

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