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Memonix 1.6 - User Guide and FAQ

Screenshots - More Details

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Memonix - Game Rules

  1. Mosaic - Using the arrows on the figures panel, you can scroll through the available elements and place the selected element by clicking where you want to place the element on the game board. If you want to change the placement of an element, you can right-click the element on the board to delete it. You can get a hint by passing the cursor over "Show the errors" to see red X's beside the incorrectly placed elements. If you place all the elements correctly, you win.

  2. Builder - The rules are the same as those for Mosiac, except that you are building a house.

  3. The Pair - To play the game, click an element to display it, and then click another element to make a match. If the two uncovered elements are a pair, then they disappear. If the elements do not match, the elements are hidden again.

  4. JigSaw - Select an element with the help of scopes on the game panel. Then, click in the game board to position the element in the correct place. To remove an element, click it again. You win the game when you place all the elements correctly.

Frequently Asked Questions - Memonix

  1. How can I download your games or language addons?
    You can free download games or addons from the game page or the downloads page.

  2. How can I install a game?
    If you have downloaded a file with an .exe extension, simply run it and read the installation instructions.

  3. How do I remove a game from my computer?
    • Click Start and then choose Control Panel.
    • Click Add or Remove Programs and then click Remove a Program. (If your control panel is set to Classic View, click the Add or Remove Programs icon.)
    • When the Add or Remove Programs window appears, select the Memonix game from the list.
    • Click Remove

  4. How I can remove trial restrictions from the game?
    To remove all restrictions, you must register the game. See the game page for more information about registration.

Screenshots - More Details

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