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Mix & Match 3.3.0 - User Guide and FAQ

Screenshots - More Details

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How to use its background motifs?

Changing the background motif: During gameplay (when the memory cards are actually on the screen), go to the Background Motif menu and choose one of the options listed there. The motif you select will apply to all 3 game sizes and will remain in place until you change it again.

Loading your own background picture: If you don't like the motifs provided with Mix & Match Association, You can also load your own background pictures for the 3 playscreens. During gameplay (when the memory cards are actually on the screen), go to the Background Motif menu and choose "Load Background Pic." You can use the Drive and Folder windows to navigate to where you keep your pictures. Double click on a file to load it. A separate picture can be chosen for each game size, and they will remain in place until you load a new picture or choose a different motif.

How do I use this CardSet once it's created?

To Install this CardSet, simply follow these steps:

- Run the Mix & Match CardSet Install program that comes with the game.
- Use the Drive and Folder windows to navigate to the folder where you placed your master pictures. It will find the .MMC (category) file and display the category name in the list on the left.
- Click the checkbox next to that description to indicate you wish to install this CardSet.
- Click the "Install These CardSets" button. The program will copy the pictures to your Mix & Match directory and add the category to the game.
- You're done! Run Mix & Match, and you will see your new category is now available to play!

How to I make new CoverCards?

Covercards are the pictures that are displayed when the card is face-down. To create new ones, simply create a picture just like you would for any card. Then, there are 2 things you will do differently:

- Save the file in your Mix & Match folder.
- The filename must start with the 5-character prefix "BLANK". If you look at your Mix & Match folder now, you will see over 15 blank cards already there.

Screenshots - More Details

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