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Atomica Deluxe

Is a new version of Atomica game that plays in real-time. It is best suited to experienced players who want a fast-paced exciting game!

Download Site       Buy Now $11.95

Version: 1.0 Publisher:
File Size: 3,160 KB System: Win98/2000/NT/XP
License: Free to try ($11.95) Limitations:  
Date Added: 07-09-2008 Requirements: 64MB RAM, DirectX 7.0

Atomica Deluxe - Screenshot
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Software Description:

The goal of Atomica game is to create MOLECULES by moving ATOMS around the Game Grid. New atoms will continue to appear, and when you can no longer make any moves, the game will end. It's a Puzzle Meltdown!

In Strategy Mode you can take as long as you like to make each move.

Action Mode is a new version of Atomica game that plays in real-time. It is best suited to experienced players who want a fast-paced exciting game! In Action Mode, new atoms continually appear on the board, whether you are moving a piece or not.

Key Features:

Are you ready to go nuclear? The long-awaited deluxe PC version of Atomica game is here! Astonishing new graphics and sound await, along with stacks of brand new features, such as:
  • Dangerous Biohazard atoms
  • Chromium wildcard atoms
  • 5 types of Bonus Molecule: Fire, Ice, Ether, Lightning, and Wind,
  • each with 3 levels of power!
  • New Radiation Rounds let you score big bonus points!
  • Brand new Action mode for real-time fun!
  • Pulsating new musical score!
  • Save your high scores for posterity! And much more
Editor's Review:

Get atomic with this spectacular new version of Atomica, featuring all-new graphics, sound, and music, plus brand new features like Biohazards, Chromium, Bonus Molecules, and Radiation Rounds!

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