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The Goobs

Is a great arcade puzzle game that will really provide you with hours of game playing fun.

Download Site       Buy Now $19.95

Version: 1.0 Publisher: redclawgames.com
File Size: 3,250 KB System: Win 95/98/2000/me/xp
License: Free to try ($19.95) Limitations:  
Date Added: 06-19-2008 Requirements: Pentium II 233 Mhz
32MB RAM, DirectX 7.0

The Goobs - Screenshot
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Software Description:

The Goobs is a great arcade puzzle game that will really provide you with hours of game playing fun.

Take control of the goobs, and guide them safely through each of the platforms towards the exit tunnel, collecting the red and blue energy balls along the way.

Each platform is made up of a variety of different tiles and objects which can either help or hinder your progress.

And because any number of goobs might be stranded on the same platform, a bit of teamwork will be required to get them all to safety.

Key Features:
  • 80 fun & challenging levels
  • Great graphics & fun sounds
  • Interactive recorded solutions
  • Easy to use level editor
  • Download new user levels
Editor's Review:

Enjoy over 50 new levels of Goob filled fun! Guide the Goobs through each of the diverse puzzling levels, collecting the energy balls before getting all the Goobs to safety down the exit tunnels. Great graphics, cute sounds, and tons of levels make this a fabulous game for the whole family to enjoy!

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