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MUTANT STORM 1.42 - User Guide and FAQ

Screenshots - More Details

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Background Story:

Set far away, on a strange claustrophobic planet...

The once peaceful inhabitants have been struck by a dark cosmic ray, causing them to mutate into a wide range of horrible mean nasty vicious blighters.

These mutants like nothing better than to run amok and kill things, except when they are sleeping.

Your job, as our hero/heroine, is to clear the planet of this sinister evil menace, to destroy this mutant storm.

Need help with the evil beasties of Mutant Storm?

Here are a collection of useful hints and tips.

Survival Hints

  • Be aggressive.

    Always keep your eye on what's teleporting into the level at any time. A slight delay in blasting that group of robots and you'll be overrun.

  • Always use the power-ups.

    Especially the blue ones! The spinning spikes may not earn you points, but they cause some serious damage.

  • Use your Smart Bombs.

    It's ALWAYS better to use a bomb then lose a life. Remember that!

  • Don't waste time on soft aliens.

    Always go for the most threatening enemy on screen. Generally, the bigger they are, the faster they MUST fall.
High Score Tips
  • Your multiplier is you biggest points earner.

    It's always better to use a smart bomb, or Spinner power-up, then lose a life & a multiplier.

  • Sequential kills earn big points.

    Kill several of the same type of beastie in a row to earn points bonuses. Combined with the score multiplier, this can be huge.

  • Try to keep as many of the passive cube-creatures alive.

    These earn you bonuses if you don't destroy them.

  • Finishing all levels can earn extra score multipliers,

    depending on how many difficulty belts have been progressed through. For example, starting on white belt and finishing on Blue will earn you an extrax5!!

  • Every 10 levels, bonuses are awarded for unused smart bombs.

    These bonuses become huge if you have over 5 smart bombs stored.

Screenshots - More Details

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