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Elifoot 2005 PRO 2005.2.1

Elifoot 2005 PRO is a funny football game that lets you become football team manager.

Download Site 1       Download Site 2       Download Site 3       Buy Now $40.00

File Size:5,133 KB System:Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP
License:Free to try ($40.00) Limitations:lots of features are invisible
Date Added:01-11-2006 Requirements:Windows system

The Screenshot of Elifoot 2005 PRO
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Software Description:
Elifoot 2005 PRO is a football management game. You can get fun from playing this game. Each player plays the role of a team coach and manager. You can bring your team to play the league and the cup.

This game provides 256 teams and 6 human coaches to you. You can set the sell price for you players. And other teams may buy them according the price. If some players want to join your team, they will send emails to you. The Elifoot league is an international football championship, where teams from several countries play against each other. This game will bring you into the most mode football process available. Come on and try it quickly!

Key Features:
  • Allow you bought players through the most modern process available
  • Players may send emails to you if them want to join your team
  • Support setting team to attack, defense and neutral system
  • Support play game using keyboard
  • Up to 256 teams and 6 human coaches
  • Can set sell price for player
  • Built-in internation championship and cup
Editor's Review:
Elifoot 2005 PRO is a funny football management game for every player. It is so popular that makes each player play role of a team coach and team manager. This game lets you play in the most mode football mode.

You can let your team play international football championship and cup. There are 40 teams play in the league, distributed among four divisions. You can set your team to attack, neutral or defense system, and you can sell your players according your price and also can buy them from other teams.

You can see the players of all other teams and try to buy players directly from other teams. You must earn money from each match or players market. It will make you become a vocational football manager by playing.

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