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Foosball 1.0a - User Guide and FAQ

Screenshots - More Details

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Foosball is a Windows version of the popular pub game Table Football.

Controlling your players
Use your mouse to move your players from left to right. Push the mouse forward to raise your players ready to kick the football, and pull the mouse back quickly to kick the ball.

Playing a solo game
You can choose to play either a friendly game against one of the other teams or you can play a 'campaign' In a campaign you take your team through successive seasons of League and knock-out Cup Foosball to try and win as many trophies as possible.

Playing a network Table Football game
One person must nominate their computer up as the 'server' while the other players connect to the server by entering the server's IP number (this is shown in the dialog box that appears on the server). The server can the start the game when all the people who want to have connected.

Foosball uses port 4877 if you need to make a hole in a Firewall.

Screenshots - More Details

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