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Mother Of All Battles 3.2 - User Guide and FAQ

Screenshots - More Details

Starting A Game
To start a game, click on the File menu. You can then click on either:

New    start a brand new game.
Open   open an old one that you have saved earlier.
Demo   watch a demo game.

If you start a new game you can choose whether the players will be out of the game or human or computer controlled. You can also choose how large you want the world to be and how difficult the computer players will be to beat.
Selecting And Waking A Piece
The piece currently selected for you to move will be the one which the line coming from the mouse points to.

To select a different piece, click on it with the right hand mouse button - this will also wake it up if it was asleep. If that piece still has movement points left for the day, the line from the mouse will jump to that piece. If the piece does not respond, it is because it has already moved as much as it can or it has attacked an enemy piece this day.

If there are several pieces stacked on top of one another you can cycle through them by continually clicking the right hand button on the stack. To do this to a stack of pieces which are in a city, hold the SHIFT key down while clicking the right hand button on the stack.

To wake a piece which is in a city, click the right hand mouse button on the city to bring up the 'City Information' dialog box. Then click on the pieces in the 'Awake' or 'Asleep' boxes to change their status.

You can centre the currently selected piece on the screen by selecting 'Current piece' from the 'View' menu or by pressing the 'C' key. If you wish to view your starting island, select 'Home' from the 'View' menu or press the 'Home' key.

Screenshots - More Details

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