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D3DGear 3.02

An advanced DirectX & OpenGL utility - automatically measures Windows 3D game/application frame rate, and display frame rate on screen; helps you record 3D game into AVI movie; captures any game/application screenshot...

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File Size:4,565 KB System:Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista
License:Free to try ($34.95) Limitations:15 days trial
Date Added:02-27-2008 Requirements:DirectX9 compliant video card

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Software Description:
D3DGear is an advanced DirectX & OpenGL utility. It automatically measures Windows 3D game/application frame rate, and display frame rate on screen. D3DGear helps you record 3D game into AVI movie while you are playing game, take multiple screenshots and conveniently save them. D3DGear also is a screenshot capture tool, it captures any game/application screenshot and save screenshot in popular image format. To use D3DGear, simply launch D3DGear prior to start 3D game, the frame rate of 3D game will be automatically measured and displayed on screen; capturing screenshot will be as simple as pressing pre-defined hotkey.

Key Features:
  • Automatically measure game frame rate; display frame rate on screen.
  • Customize frame rate position, size and color.
  • Measure each game/application independently, simultaneously.
  • Capture screenshot by pressing hotkey; automatically save screenshot to file.
  • Save screenshot in file with BMP, JPG, TGA, PNG, PPM or HDR image format.
  • Continually capture multiple screenshots until hotkey being released.
  • Include frame rate in screenshot.
  • Include timestamp in screenshot.
  • Support both Windows DirectX9 API and OpenGL API.
  • Support obsolete Windows DirectX8 game.
  • Start run when Windows starts up
Editor's Review:
D3DGear can satisfy your demand of game. You not only make avi movie from game, but also you can capture game screenshots to bmp, jpg etc image

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