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2D&3D Animator 6.8 - User Guide and FAQ

Screenshots - More Details

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How to insert animation to Web Page?

Your animation must be exported to an image, which will be inserted to Web page. You cannot insert the .2DA file to your web page because Internet Browser doesn't understand the 2D&3D Animator file format.

First, export your animation to a GIF file. See more info in the Exporting topic.

Second, open your web page in an editor and add the following code to your HTML text: (IMG WIDTH=240 HEIGHT=180 SRC="myimage.gif")

Change values of width and height to real values of your image size.
Change the myimage.gif to image file name.

You can see the necessary HTML text if you press the HTML Code button in the Export dialog box. It allows you to copy that code to your clipboard. From there you can paste it into your webpage.

How to insert images to a Web page using Actual Drawing?

  • Start Actual Drawing and open your Web page.

  • On the Insert menu, click Image.

  • In the dialog box that appears, click Browse to choose your image.

  • Drag the image to desired position.

  • Use the Actual Drawing's export tool to publish Web page.

Frequently Asked Questions - 2D&3D Animator

  1. At some times during working a panel for internet connection appears. I don't know what happens?
    It works an upgrade checking. It can inform you about new version of 2D&3D Animator.

  2. Every time I try to do anything with 3D the text box goes blank or displays 'noise'.
    To fix the problem, try to switch off the "Hardware acceleration" of your video card. Some video accelerators don't work properly with Open GL 3D library, which the program uses.

    To switch off video the Hardware acceleration:
    1. From the Control Panel, choose the Display icon;
    2. Select the Settings tab;
    3. Press the Advanced button;
    4. Select the Troubleshooting tab and move the Hardware acceleration slider to the None position.

  3. I am a man from the Czech republic and I have great problems with czech font in this program. Is there any possibility?
    To enter international characters, you need to change language script for the specified font.

    Click the Font button and pick the language script from the Script list.

  4. When I open the program, the text colors are not true colors. i.e, in 3d if I click on Dark blue the color comes up a light blue.
    Try to change the color mode of your monitor to "True Color (32 bit)". The color mode can be changed from "Control Panel", by clicking on "Display" icon.

  5. I created a banner with the name *.2DA. My web site provider doesn't except such files. I need to transfer this file to *.gif or *.jpg how can I do it?
    Your animation must be exported to an image, which will be uploaded to your Web site. You cannot insert the .2DA file to your web page because Internet Browser doesn't understand the 2D&3D Animator file format. See more info how to export animation to image at the Exporting topic.

Screenshots - More Details

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