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Artoonix 1.5

A powerful cartoon maker which can create cmputer animated movies or cartoons on your PC.

Download Site 1       Download Site 2       Download Site 3       Buy Now $20

File Size:7,812 KB System:Windows 98/ME/2000/XP
License:Free to try ($20) Limitations:Shareware
Date Added:04-04-2006 Requirements:600MHz CPU, 64 MB RAM, 50 MB hard disk space

The interface
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Software Description:
Artoonix is software to create cartoons or animated movies on your PC. It is best suited for those who want to "liven up" static world of simple computer drawings, add sounds, try out your creativity, ideas and show it to friends and family.

With Artoonix you can: - Creat drawings in advanced Artoonix frame editor or simply add and modify objects from your picture files (e.g. JPEG's or animated GIF's). - Animate the drawings and photos using a host of traditional animation tools. - Record multi-track sound from your microphone or insert soundtracks from wav or MP3 audio files. - Export the animation into a high-quality movie file (e.g. into an .avi file with your favourite compression codec - DiVX or Xvid). - Export the animation into an animated GIF file for easy web publishing, e-mailing, using as your mobile phone wallpaper, etc.

Traditionally, animation process is associated with rather complex multiple stage process but it is intuitively simple in its basics. Artoonix makes it accessible to everybody, especially children. The user interface has been designed to guide the artist through the logical steps of animation process. Text menus, sidebars, mouse contextual menus and keyboard shortcuts reflect the need to concentrate on creative bits while having the right tools at hand.

Key Features:
  • Draw the pictures or import them from files. You can import both still pictures (in almost any existing format - JPEG, GIF, BMP, WMF... even transparency information is preserved) or from series of frames from any movie you have (avi, animated GIF's).
  • Animate the drawings or imported photos using a host of traditional animation tools. Artoonix has a frame-based editor so you can performed detailed modifications, while multi-object multi-frame fuinctions allow to significantly increase productivity. There are also "Distort" and "Warp" object transformations functions to facilitate fluid movements in the animations.
  • Record multi-track sound from your microphone or insert soundtrack from audio files (WAV, MP3).
  • Export the animation into high-quality movie files (e.g. into an .avi file with your favourite compression codec), Flash SWF or an animated GIF files for easy web publishing, e-mailing, use as your mobile phone wallpaper, etc.
  • Import frames from movies and collections of files;
  • Export frames to collection of files;
  • Audio panel can be hidden;
  • No limit to the size of the projects.
Editor's Review:
Using Artoonix, we can create cartoons or animated movies on our PC to "liven up" static world of simple computer drawings.It is very good for children.

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