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RealWorld Icon Editor 2006.1

Windows XP icon maker and extractor. It is able to create Windows XP icons directly from images and 3D models.

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File Size:9,218 KB System:Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP/2003
License:Free to try ($24) Limitations:30 days
Date Added:05-08-2006 Requirements: 

RealWorld Icon Editor
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Software Description:
RealWorld Icon Editor is a feature rich icon maker and extractor. It is able to create Windows XP icons directly from images and 3D models. By a single mouse-click, RealWorld Icon Editor automatically renders a 3D scene into image or creates an icon. Not happy with the result? Just move the camera, adjust lights or modify the object and click again.

With our icon maker you don't have to be a first class artist and you still can create perfect icons by trial and error in a few moments. On each generated image, a configurable special effect is applied. Icons can be modified in raster editor with common drawing tools or custom scripted operations. A library with 36 icons and source 3D models is included.

Key Features:
  • Light reflection, refraction - supported in raytracing renderer for better glass or water effects as well as general reflections.
  • Gamma correction - configurable in raytracing renderer and in image-to-icon convertor.
  • Palette generation and dithering - improved for 16 and 256 colors icons. Application allows drawing with any color and automatically updates palette and dithers image.
  • Alpha in JPEG2000 - is now fully supported.
  • Save to GIF - export image to GIF with transparency and selected number of colors.
  • Projected shadow - this raster image editor tool allows quick creation of Vista-like projected shadows.
  • Simplified image handling - image viewer and image editor scenarios were merged. Image files are opened for editing by default and are saved using original image file format if possible.
  • Open/save - add your own favorite folders and swith to them by single mouse click.
  • Icon from image GUI - new wizard and batch processor.
  • Configuration management - can export and import window layouts and menu commands.
  • Icon from image internals - supports sizes from 1x1 to 256x256, including non-square proportions, keeps aspect ratio. Can apply soften or sharpen filters on per image basis.
  • Raster image editor improvements - includes "Paint under" blending mode, polyline with configurable joins and caps, ability to modify control points of curves and polylines. Coordinates displayed in status bar.
  • Textures in 3D-text - textures (including bump-maps) can be used with 3D-text U3D module.
  • Image transformations - rotation by arbitrary angle and perspective transformation.
  • Image and icon mixing with drag and drop - if and image file is dragged from Windows Explorer to raster image editor, it is pasted as new selection into current image. Similar rule applies for icon files and list of icon images window.
  • Image filters - sharpening, blurring, smoothing, mean removal, drop shadow, motion blur, ... Filters are java-scripted and can be applied to entire image or selected rectangle (when editing images).
Editor's Review:
RealWorld Icon Editor is a icon tool that helps you designing Windows Vista icons faster. It has more built-in image filters and operators. The simple tutorials in the program guide you create Windows XP icons directly from images and 3D models.

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