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Color Correction Wizard 0.95

Make all your photos look and feel like your best shot!

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File Size:2,911 KB System:Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP
License:Free to try ($49.95) Limitations: 
Date Added:12-02-2005 Requirements:windows system

Color Correction Wizard
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Software Description:

Color Correction Wizard is an all-in-one color correction tool that makes batch color correction a snap! The program effectively solves common photographic problems turning dull digital images into splashes of color. Moreover, the program gives you a unique opportunity to create whole galleries of images giving them the same look and feel as the selected template image.

Color Correction Wizard is a batch image processing program featuring a variety of functions. It allows working with large collections of images at once and makes image processing quick and easy. This program gives you an opportunity to create whole galleries of images giving them a similar style according to one or several of the suggested parameters: color balance, brightness, contrast and size. Color Correction Wizard enables you to enhance multiple images correcting poor contrast and color balance problems, adjusting brightness and saturation, and also apply different creative color effects to your pictures.

Key Features:
  • Correct or enhance large collections of images with just a few clicks
  • Open and save images in common image file formats (jpeg, bmp and png)
  • Give a similar style to a large collection of images according to the specified template image (the same color, brightness, contrast and size)
  • Adjust brightness, contrast, saturation and color balance of multiple images
  • Perform levels, contrast and color balance autocorrection to a collection of images
  • Set individual correction parameters for each image
  • Set image quality when saving JPEG files
Editor's Review:

Whether you are a professional or a home user, Color Correction Wizard is the right tool for you. It will make the best of your photos and save your time and energy.

This powerful yet easy-to-grasp tool easily fixes a host of common digital imaging problems enabling the user to correct or enhance large collections of images within a couple of minutes. The program effectively solves poor contrast and color balance problems providing a more natural look to your images or helping increase saturation and achieve richer colors. Color Correction Wizard has still another useful feature. It also helps you prepare digital photos for web galleries giving them the same look & feel (color, contrast and brightness) and size. All you need is to select the template image and the characteristics you want to impose upon other images.

The program is designed in a Wizard style and has a user-friendly and intuitive interface.

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