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EDraw Organizational Chart 3.1 - User Guide and FAQ

Screenshots - More Details

Download Site 1       Download Site 2       Download Site 3       Buy Now $49.95

Frequently Asked Questions - EDraw Organizational Chart

  1. I purchased a EDraw product in the past and can't find my unlock code. What should I do?
    Send us a mail with your user id and register info to get serial again. We will then email your unlock code to you as soon as possible.

  2. I cannot download your product.
    If you cannot download the executable file from, please try different download sites listed at the download page. If you continue to have difficulty please e-mail Technical Support with a detailed explanation of the error you are receiving.

  3. Upgrade policy
    In order to protect your investment, we allow you to upgrade free of charge to our latest release if you have purchased the product for ever. We also provide maintenance releases of our software at no cost to you. You just need to use your unlock code to unlock it. If you have already unlocked the product, you shouldn't have to unlock it again after upgrade since the data is stored in the system.

  4. What is included with my product license?
    Before using our product you agreed to abide by the terms of our product license agreement. Our Single User license allows one user to install the product on two computers as long as that user is the only user of the software. (For example, you could install on your product on a laptop and your home computer.)

  5. Product Refunds
    Within 15 days of purchase, EDrawSoft will accept the return of any product purchased from our online store for a refund. To receive a refund, please email us with the following information: Your name the product you are returning your order number (if you have it) the reason for the return.

  6. How to prearrange working conditions?
    If you have not selected any shapes in the situation, the line setting, fill setting, text setting and shadow setting all will affect shapes familiar which later will increase; If you select many shapes, the setting only affects the selected shapes. Or you may using Shape \ Color Scheme to set all the color scheme.

  7. What's different between Site License and Single User License?
    The Single User License can only be installed for a user. But the Site License can be installed in a wide site range or a company. We also provide a custom version (include the install file and license information) for a site license. You can get a volume licensing according to your seats.

  8. How to manage custom template?
    Firstly new a template and set the edit state by the context menu of template, secondly you can copy shapes from others template and paste to the new template. You can also save shape as a shape or multiply shapes to a shape item file, then Add Shapes to selected template.

Screenshots - More Details

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