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PictureMoreZ 1.20 - User Guide and FAQ

Screenshots - More Details

Create And Convert
  • An easy convert to the different image data (GIF, BMP, JPEG, JPEG-2000(JP2,J2K,JPC), ICO, CUR, ANI, AVI, PNG, TIFF, TGA, XBM, XPM, PIX, RAS, other).
  • Image data (GIF,JPEG,PNG) to use with WEB page of the Internet can be made easily.
  • Transparent background of image data (GIF,ICO,CUR,ANI,PNG) can be made easily.
  • The Interlace image data (GIF,PNG) that the whole of the image appears on a little each clearly, and progressive JPEG can be made easily.
  • Image data (BMP, ICO, CUR, ANI, AVI) to use with WINDOWS application can be made easily.
Animate image
  • Animate image (GIF,ANI,AVI) can be made easily.
  • A present editing frame is piled up, and made easily, and it can be processed into the background and the frame right before the front by the animation cell image.
  • Make flames automatically (Copy, Move left/right/up/down, Rotation, Zoom In/Out, Fade in/out) can be made easily.
  • Change order of flames can be made easily and fast.
  • Change attribute of flames can be made easily and fast.
  • Change position of flames can be made easily and fast.
  • Of course, other images can be import, and the attributes (the delay time of animation, disposal method after the frame indication, others) are set up easily.
  • The collective change function (it is changed to the zoom in/out, the designated size, color tone change) of the frame.
  • A comment setting function to each frame of GIF.

    Screenshots - More Details

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