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ST Thumbnails Explorer 1.2

ST Thumbnails Explorer is very useful tool for management of any graphics files.

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File Size:2,165 KB System:Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP/2003
License:Free to try ($29.95) Limitations: 
Date Added:02-15-2006 Requirements:windows system

Screenshot - ST Thumbnails Explorer
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Software Description:

Fastest thumbnails viewer and full-function file manager with explorer-like interface. It allows you to browse the thumbnails of files Adobe Illustrator v7-12 (AI, AIT, EPS), CorelDRAW v4-12 (CDR, CMX, CCX, CDT, PAT), Macromedia FreeHand v7-11 (FH7, FH8, FH9, FH10, FH11, FT8, FT9, FT10, FT11), CorelXARA / Xara X (XAR, ART, WEB), Deneba Canvas v8 (CNV, TPL), Corel PhotoPaint v5+ (CPT), Corel R.A.V.E. (CLK), Corel DESIGNER v10+ (DES), CorelMOVE (CMV), Corel Simbol Library (CSL), Pulse Signature (WCN) and others (MDI, WMF, EMF, JPG, TIF, PSD, GIF, BMP, TGA, PCX, DCX, PCD, PDD, JP2, JPC, PNG, RAS, etc.). Full integration with MS Shell and extensions. It allows to display thumbnails for tens file types in addition (DOC, PPT, PRN, HTML, MAX, PDF, PS, EPI, EPSF, EPSI and others).

The program supports drag & drop, interactive thumbnails scaling, thumbnails rotation and mirroring, support of copying of the selected files parameters into clipboard for use by other applications, displays full information about files (version, type, keywords, notes etc.). File information is conveniently shown in tooltip-like popup windows when the mouse is hovered over the file thumbnail.

Built-in animation engine allows displaying animation for plural files in browser window directly (in this release for animated GIF files only). StTex also widely uses internal filters and MS Shell opportunities for shows many other file formats. StTex allows you to locate and manage images stored in your file system. StTex is written totally in C++, uses variable number of threads (7 and more) and so very fast. The application base features don't require installation of any additional components or graphic editors. The program requires few system resources.

Key Features:
  • Support of MDI (Microsoft Office 2003 Document Imaging, MODI) files. MDI filter supports multi-page processing and optical character recognition (OCR, this feature requires MODI installation).
  • Ghostscript-bazed processing for EPS, EPSF, EPI, EPSI, PS, PRN and PDF files. The filter supports multi-page processing for PS, PDF and PRN files.
  • Support of JPEG-2000 (JP2, J2K, JPC, J2C) files.
  • Shell support for PNG files was changed to internal support. New PNG filter supports alpha blending, transparent colors and interlacing.
  • Support of Sun Rasterfile Image (RAS), Portable Anymap Image (PNM), Portable Bit-Map Image (PBM), Portable Grey-Map Image (PGM), Portable Pix-Map Image (PPM) files.
  • Support of ZIP, Pixar and LogLuv codecs for TIFF files.
  • Interface improvements (quick thumbnails scaling and mirroring, thumbnail sizes are increased up to 600x600 pixels, copying of the keywords and file notes to Clipboard, displaying image sizes in infotips, displaying file info under thumbnail image, etc.).
Editor's Review:

ST Thumbnails Explorer is very useful tool for management of any graphics files. It feature is support of multi-page files and displaying of the all pages of such files in the thumbnails browser window. The application also supports multi-user and multiplatform solutions based on MS Terminal Server. ST Thumbnails Explorer has the integrated Network Installations Management. This technology allows easy install and update of plural copies of the application in the corporate networks.

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