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Easy Photo Grabber 1.4.0 - User Guide and FAQ

Screenshots - More Details

Download Site 1       Download Site 2       Download Site 3       Buy Now $39.95

Quick Start :

     1 - Start program
     2 - Select a videodriver in: Menu-Configuration-Driver
     3 - When the videodriver is loaded, select the desired picture format and compression quality           under Format
     4 - Set camera settings in Menu-Configuration-Input
     5 - Adjust the timer interval to your needs
     6 - In Harddisk menu, set maximum number of frames
     7 - Press the Start button on the Timer menu

Frequently Asked Questions - Easy Photo Grabber

  1. What is the precision of the interval ?
    You can adjust the time interval to a minimum setting of 0,10 seconds, however performance and timeraccuracy are dependent on your harddisk and processor speed. If the time interval is too fast for your computer, the interval time setting will be adjusted to the actual minimum grabbing time for that picture format.

  2. How many pictures can Easy Photo Grabber store on harddisk ?
    Easy Photo Grabber can store up to 320.000 pictures divided into 64 directories. This means that if you continue grabbing 24 hours a day, with an interval time of one second, a 3.7 days videoarchive can be recorded onto harddisk.

  3. How can I make the main menu visible again?
    By clicking on the bottom status bar you can hide the main menu. Click on it again makes the main menu visible again.

  4. Which capture cards are compatible with Easy Photo Grabber ?
    MSL Soft does not keep a record of compatible capturecards. All video capture cards based on the Brooktree 848/878 capturechip (like the Hauppage (TV)cards) or all other cards that work with Video For Windows drivers should work well with the program.

  5. When I startup the program I get a blue screen
    If the screens turns black or blue after you selected a videodriver:
    • Step 1 - Start up first your tv/camera software, and choose a channel
    • Step 2 - Close this software
    • Step 3 - Then start Easy Photo Grabber

Screenshots - More Details

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