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Flash2X Screensaver Builder 2.0.2 - User Guide and FAQ

Screenshots - More Details

Edit Flash Movie List

Open Flash Movies First of all, you have to open flash movies with Open File button. The program will play the flash movies and show the information about the movie.

Add to List After open a flash movie, you can click Add button to put it into the play list. The program will display a screenshot of the flash movie at the bottom of the list.

Remove, Up and Down You can use Remove, Up and Down button to edit the list. To play a flash, double click on the screenshot.


Play Flash Movies Randomly To play flash movies randomly, you should check this option.

Display License Information before Installation The installer will display License Information before starting to install the screensaver. If the users do not agree the license information, the installer will be terminated.

Shareware Settings You can set the screensaver as a shareware version which is with a trial period. The users may use the Unlock Code to keep using the screensaver after it is expired.

You can set the screensaver as a shareware version which is with a trial period. The users may use the Unlock Code to keep using the screensaver after it is expired.

Frequently Asked Questions - Flash2X Screensaver Builder

  1. Why the screensavers I built only worked for 5 days?
    The screensavers built with unregistered version are all demos. They only work for 5 days. After 5 days, they will be expired. To build screensavers without time limitation, please register the program.

  2. Do I have to rebuild the screensavers after registering the program?
    Before registering the program, the screensavers you built were demos. Even you registered the program, they were still demos. You have to rebuild them with the registered version. If you don't want to input all the information about the screensavers again, you are supposed to save them as projects the first time you create them.

  3. Why the screensavers could not be shown on some PCs?
    Make sure you have installed Flash player on the PCs. To install Flash player, please visit Macromedia for more information and download the Flash component.

  4. What is the difference between freeware and shareware screensavers?
    The program allows you to build freeware or shareware screensavers. Freeware screensavers are free to download and use. They are screensavers without any limitation. Shareware screensavers have a trial period time limitation. The users have to input a code you defined when you created the screensavers to remove the limitation.

Screenshots - More Details

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